Devinder Singh Rana

Welcome to Asian Society of Transplantation!

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Devinder Singh Rana
Chairman, Board of Management
Chairman, Institute of Renal Sciences
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi - 110 060 INDIA

Curie Ahn

Welcome to Asian Society of Transplantation

Since its inception in 1981, AST has witnessed and contributed in rapid growth of transplantation performances in Asia.
I want to express my deepest gratitude to the founders and former presidents who have lead the AST where it is today.
I specially thank the immediate Secretary Generals, Dr. Anwar Naqvi and Dr. Ejaz Amed, for their devotions and sacrifices made for our colleagues. Despite our aspiring history, there are aspects that we seek for further enhancement.
As Secretary General of the AST, I feel weighted burden profoundly to face the challenges upon us.

I envision AST to be a cohesive society that benefits every specialist and expert in transplantation.
AST will focus on the capacity enhancement especially in deceased organ transplantation and translational research based on registry that we all assemble together and it will be valuable scientific data for further research. AST has and will continue to propagate the ethical practices in transplantation by advocating the DICG.
Lastly, AST acknowledges the contribution that Asian women have made throughout the years and will support them by providing Women In Transplantation initiative.

In order to serve and represent the Asian population, we need to grow in terms of membership of transplantation specialists and related health professionals. Having proper membership representation not only helps us connect one another across the continent but also provide link between the generations that will lead us to cohesive society.

I am so humbled to serve the AST and I wish best for every AST member.
Name Address
Curie Ahn
Secretary General
Professor Division of Nephrology Seoul National University Hospital
Seoul National University Hospital
Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82-2-763-6316
Email :;